Our Committees

Reverend Alfred Harris - President

Phone: Church 810-785-4690
Cell: 810-394-6787
Email: revalharris1@hotmail.com

Education Committee


Juanita Crump – Chairperson
 Phone: 810-695-0563
Cell: 810-845-1118
 Email: Jcrump8283@yahoo.com

Purpose:  Identify ways of assisting local School boards in providing quality educational opportunities to all students, particularly “at risk” youths.

Community & Economic Development Committee

Purpose: Obtain economic justice on behalf of “the least of these” in Flint and Genesee County.  To assist in the rebuilding of economically distressed neighborhoods by promoting homeownership, community development, wealth building, and personal growth through comprehensive economic development, lifelong education, and job/career training initiatives that empower people and strengthen communities.

Kim Yarber
 Cell: 810-624-3987
 Email: kyarber504@yahoo.com

Mental Health

Purpose: To provide emotional and spiritual health

Pastor James Kennedy
 Cell: 810-691-5347
 Email: mtcarmelbaptch@aol.com

Public Safety

Purpose: To provide emotional and spiritual health

Pastor Alvin Bradford
 Cell: 810-223-6680
 Email: abradford250@gmail.com