List of Members

A Word In Season
Five Fold Ministry
Saints of God Church
Vernon Chapel AME
Faith Baptist Temple
Ebenezer Ministries
Second Chance Ministries
Mt. Calvary Baptist Church
True Gospel MB Church
New Zion Baptist Church
Church Without Walls Ministry
Second Missionary Baptist Church
Quinn Chapel AME
Faith Deliverance Cathedral
Cathedral of Faith
Christ Fellowship Baptist Church
Damascus Holy Life Baptist Church
Faith United Methodist Church
Greater Galilee Baptist Church
Mt. Calvary Baptist Church
Mt. Carmel Baptist Church
Mt. Hermon Baptist Church
Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church
Mt. Tabor Missionary Baptist Church
Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Peace Presbyterian Church
Shiloh Baptist Church
St. Paul Baptist Church
Triumphant Temple of Praise
Upper Room Baptist Church
Word of Life Christian Church
Phone: 810-787-2470
Phone: 810-695-0563
Phone: 810-785-4690
Phone: 810-785-5721
Phone: 810-789-2686
Phone: 810-744-4484
Phone: 810-407-1640
Phone: 810-787-2563
Phone: 810-938-2721
Phone: 810-235-2331
Phone: 810-625-1092
Phone: 810-397-0219
Phone: 810-238-5636
Phone: 810-252-3010
Phone: 810-407-8653
Phone: 810-234-0641
Phone: 810-787-1336
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Phone: 810-785-8299
Phone: 810-787-2563
Phone: 810-785-4421
Phone: 810-787-8121
Phone: 810-687-2437
Phone: 810-233-6877
Phone: 810-235-2515
Phone: 810-230-9544
Phone: 810-785-6271
Phone: 810-789-4382
Phone: 810-230-2338
Phone: 810-789-6445
Phone: 810-232-5944


Five Fold Ministry
Saints of God Church